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1 de agosto de 2011

“Drugs, the Empire’s geopolitical tool”

For years now, the huge U.S. defense budget (it accounts for 50% of all defense budgets in the world) has been well known as their foreign policy tool from Reagan to present time. However, the funding of U.S. spy agencies, including the CIA and around 16 other bodies, has a dark side related to their funding sources, which are far beyond the control of formal administrations (because nobody audits God, and those bodies believe they are God in terms of “defending” the U.S. and the Occident). This “additional funding” is present in the businesses related to the running of drugs (against which they said they are fighting). Besides, these bodies are the ones which organize and support this business of Death, in complicity with the big Anglo-Saxon funding groups (with their “tax havens”).

Supporting this statement means to be disqualified as: an “addict” to the “conspiracy theories” and, with this disqualification, the reality and all its businesses remain hidden, since in order to hide the truth of their actions, they have the Hollywood version of History Channel to justify their spies.

The closest antecedent of this method of geopolitical conquest can be found in the English Empire politics during the conquest of Asia in the XIX century, with two wars for the control of opium production, distribution and funding, first by a private company, and then directly under the direction of the Crown, as part of the colonization policy of the British Empire. Under this policy, India was controlled first and then China, destroying millions of their inhabitants by making them dependent on that destructive drug, and dominating their markets.

During World War II, the U.S. Imperial Republic reorganized its intelligence services and, since then, they have built close relationships with the mafia and drugs with several purposes: First, not to interrupt their operations by having their own funding without the need of depending on politicians; second, to build relationships with the criminal world where labor to commit crimes could be obtained without using their specialized teams – relationship with the Italian-American mafia –; third, to run mafia governments worldwide by running the drug world. This was very evident in Central America, with their support for dictatorships, and today, with the same aim, they are supporting the Maras (criminal gangs). Now it is “officially” known that the U.S. provides sophisticated weapons to Mexican cartels. And lastly, this strategy is useful to dominate big masses of people by making them addicts, and thus, stupid, so they are useless at making any attempts to change this society.

Perhaps, that is why there are several unanswered questions: How come the world's hyper-military power (U.S.), with its high-tech arsenal, cannot control the fact that 5% of the world population, i.e. the U.S., consumes almost 60% of the drugs produced worldwide?

Another issue related to drugs and black economy started to be questioned as a result of the 2009 world economic crisis, when most of the countries tried to control the tax havens through the G20: Why is it that the U.S. and Great Britain were against this measure?

Some of the answers to our questions can be found in a not much disclosed article that appeared in Russia Today about declassified documents of the 1970s and the 1980s in the U.S. (the most recent documents are still under the Top Secret label):

More than 8,000 secret documents recently declassified in the U.S. reveal the CIA's involvement with different drug cartels worldwide with the aim of funding their operations. The information matches the allegations made by the journalist Gary Webb, who “committed suicide” by shooting himself twice in the back of his neck in 2004.”

The CIA turned to drug trafficking to fill their coffers and to continue their backroom operations, according to some declassified documents with the U.S. Federal Seal, as posted on Russia Today website.

The more than 8,000 documents of the Federal Government declassified by the Public Information Act reveal the details of these controversial bonds. Reports from the 1980s prove that in order to balance the Soviet military presence in Afghanistan, the U.S. spent more than US$ 2,000 millions to assist the Afghan resistance movement through drug cartels. Those same documents indicate that the CIA was also allied with Latin American drug traffickers.

And how was the process like in our area towards the financial markets?

“In the U.S. scenario, the drug money came from the Southern Cone, and became legal money in Wall Street. In the Latin American scenario, the same money, once it was laundered, returned to the region in the form of funds for paramilitary groups”, explains former federal agent Michael Ruppert. (1)

This is the reality unraveled by the declassified documents that reassert what was previously expressed. The problem is that those documents refer to a past time – I repeat, past time – and we all know that the drug issue has become more than alarming in our countries in the last 20 years, an issue which can destabilize governments, conditioned them or be the argument for “external military” interventions for the supposed eradication of the scourge that destroys our societies: Mexico with more that 35,000 crimes in two years, perpetuated by the cartels. Colombia with thousands of murdered people and millions displaced by paramilitary groups and guerrillas funded by drugs. Peru with the resurgence of the Shining Path that runs drugs in the mountain areas. Bolivia and Venezuela are permanently accused by the U.S. of being guilty of the presence of drugs in North American and European streets. Argentina and Brazil are accused of producing drugs from cocaine sulfate (“pasta base”), and of being the departure point for shipments into Europe. These are the realities Latin American people have to face every day.

For that reason, we urge member countries of the Union of South American Nations (Unión de Naciones Suramericanas, UNASUR) and the South American Defense Council to take collaborative measures against drug trafficking and its financial ramifications (which are done through professional and banking businesses, such as the insurance industry, financial consultants, accountants, notaries, trust funds and real or “ghost” companies, that turn to be viable mechanisms to clarify illicit funds through money laundering) with their own bodies, since the experience and the information analyzed lead us to assert that “Drugs are the Empire's geopolitical tool” to control our continent. We should not wait another 20 years to read the declassified documents about how the “cartels” were used to dominate us.

Carlos Pereyra Mele, B. A.

Strategic Culture Foundation of Russia


The Origin of the CIA,

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